After a car accident that should have taken her life, Raven awakens to a revelation and a peculiar choice that turns her world upside down. She learns that an ongoing war between angels and demons has been playing out for centuries, and the world of man is the battlefield. She is tasked with stopping the arch demon Mephisto’s plans, a task that leads to becoming mixed up with a dangerous cult. But lives are at stake and this ill-prepared hero in the making will have to make sacrifices to get the job done, as a new and unexpected chapter in her life begins.

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Supporting 3D Wildlife Rescue & Rehab

In support of 3D Wildlife Rescue & Rehab, I’ve put together a raffle basket for their upcoming Cabin Fever fundraiser.   A copy of Nephilim – House of Mephisto has been bundled with an untra-soft blanket, dove chocolate bar, and a scented candle for the perfect night in reading.  3D Wildlife...

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If you’ve ever heard the old folk song, The City of New Orleans, you’ve at least heard the name of the city I’m from. “All along the southbound odyssey. The train pulls out at Kankakee.” I often tell people I’m addicted to coffee and writing. An all-around geek, I’m into many different fandoms. I have an appreciation for older cars and older things. Music is pretty much anything. I have a passion for horror, fantasy, and the unexplained.

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Editing review of Nephilim series

Nephilim, volume 4

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