Born and raised in Kankakee Illinois, I’m addicted to coffee, writing and love chocolate covered strawberries. I’m a big geek. I enjoy playing World of Warcraft when time allows.

I have always had a pretty active imagination and a fascination for all things horror, fantasy and science fiction. One of my favorite childhood memories was pretending to be asleep, so I could stay up late to watch horror movies on the tiny black n white tv in my bedroom. To this day, I look forward to the Halloween season for all the horror marathons on tv. I can’t get enough. Even the ‘cheesy’ old ones.

My first published work was “Curse of the Dark Heart”, a short horror story included in Bleed Black Volume 1, (January 2015) an anthology put together by Black Heart Comics to raise money for Juvenile Diabetes.

I love to write. I don’t want to write the next ‘big thing’ I just want to tell a good story. Aside from the Nephilim series, I have a few ideas within the science fiction genre I’m working on, another in the fantasy realm and a few just for laughs.

Other cool things I have done…

  • From 2012-2015 I ran the youtube series, I’m Geeking.
  • In 2010, the Machinema “Druid Heals” a Lady Gaga Poker Face parody went viral within the first 24 hours online and landed a feature article on WoW Insider.